Prime objective :
To assist the Trustees of the Gardens, in accordance with the objectivesset out on this website, which are identical to those of the charitable trust (The Trust) set up in March 2004. In these rules, references to the Trustees means the trustees of that Trust from time to time.

Membership :
Membership of the Friends of Lydford Forest Gardens shall be open to any person or association supportive of the objectives. The requirements for membership will be a willingness to abide by, and show appreciation of, the rules and objectives.

Subscriptions :
Members of the Friends of Lydford Forest Gardens shall pay an annual subscription of £5.00, as set by the Trustees and agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
Subscriptions are due on the 1st day of May and annually thereafter. Members joining mid year will be charged a proportionate rate.
Any member of the Friends choosing not to renew the subscription fee three months after it has become due, will be deemed to no longer wish to be a member.

Application for membership :
Application forms are obtainable on-line or by calling The Treasurer, Ted Alexander on 01963 240370.

Further information on Lydford Forest Gardens can be obtained from the website at

Lydford Forest Gardens is a registered charity ( No. 1102583 )

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