Lydford Forest Garden is situated in the village of West Lydford in Somerset. It is a community garden which was created by Lydford Community Group in response to Local Agenda 21 issues. The garden is based on forest gardening principles in which several layers of trees and plants are grown in an interactive and mutually beneficial way. The site is opposite the churchyard and next to a weir on the River Brue. This beauty spot is served by very popular public footpaths. When the garden becomes established, it will have long-term benefits for schoolchildren, users of the footpaths and local interest groups, in addition to the benefits for birds, animals and the environment generally. An area of shrubland has already been transformed into a productive place with leisure and educational opportunities. There are seating areas to encourage people of all ages to rest and enjoy this garden. The Trustees have established a Trust to ensure that this site will remain a permanent environmental landmark. They have anticipated that other sites in Lydford might be established with the same principles, which is why the registered charity is entitled Lydford Forest Gardens.


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