Acer campestre
Field Maple

This native maple can grow up to 50 feet, but it is also a good hedging plant from which bees and wildlife benefit. The sap is edible, like maple syrup. The leaves turn a clear yellow in autumn.


Crataegus monogyna
Common Hawthorn

This small native tree can grow to 32 feet high, but it makes an excellent, stockproof hedging plant. It is an attractive plant with white flowers in May and red haws in autumn.


Berberis darwinii

A shade-tolerant, evergreen shrub which can grow up to 10 feet high. The bark and roots yield a yellow dye. It produces an abundance of edible fruits in early summer.


Elaeagnus multiflora

This is a wide-spreading shrub with leaves that are green above and silvery beneath. It is most decorative in July when laden with its oblong, edible, blood-red fruits.


Caragana arborescens
Siberian Pea Shrub

A large, leguminous shrub which can grow up to 20 feet high. The seeds are edible when cooked. It is a very hardy hedging and windbreak tree which is a good fixer of nitrogen.


Ilex aquifolium
Common Holly

A large, native shrub with prickly, glossy,
green leaves. The leaves, fruit and bark have all been used medicinally. It is shade-tolerant: a good hedging plant as it can grow virtually anywhere.


Carpinus betulus
Common Hornbeam

An attractive native tree that is similar to Green Beech. It is hardy and shade-tolerant. Its winged fruit provides food for wildlife in autumn, when it is also a very colourful tree.


Sorbus aucuparia

A hedging, shelterbelt and bee plant which can grow up to 50 feet high. The fruits are edible if cooked and the leaves and flowers are used in teas. All parts are used for tanning and dyeing.


Corylus avellana

This is a native shrub which is widely grown for its ornamental yellow catkins as well as for its edible nuts. It is an excellent thicket-forming shrub which is ideal for hedging.


Sorbus torminalis
Wild Service Tree

This tree has ascending branches and maple-like leaves. It bears edible, sweet, russety- brown fruits which have a pleasant baked-apple flavour, if they are bletted first.

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