In response to the Local Agenda 21 initiative a parish-wide meeting was held on 16th. May 1997 in Lydford Parish Room. Lots of environmental projects were discussed including the creation of a forest garden.

The formation of Lydford Community Group resulted from that meeting and the forest garden project was subsequently adopted. Due to the donation of a quarter of an acre of land and generous funding from several agencies, specific plans were made.

An Open Day took place on 26th. September 1998 and the trees were planted on 28th. November 1998 by a large number of volunteers. These events were followed by the planting of soft fruit on 13th. March 1999. All the trees are healthy and the perimeter hedge is quite established.

The Committee of Lydford Community Group delegated the legal aspects of the forest garden to a sub-committee, the members of which are now Trustees. A draft document was created and this was sent to the solicitors, Baker and Duke, on 19th. December 2002. Lydford Forest Gardens became a registered charity on 11th. March 2004. The Trustees have anticipated that other sites in Lydford might be established with the same principles, which is why the registered charity is entitled Lydford Forest Gardens.

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