Apple Egremont Russet
  Pear Glou Morceau
  A fine golden russet. One of the best flavoured of all English apples. Good keeping variety.     A green pear of moderate size, which goes yellow only when fully ripe. Fertile and reliable.
Apple George Cave
  Plum Laxton’s Delicious
  The best early variety. A small crisp, nicely-flavoured fruit. Ready in July. Green/orange.     A bright red, good-quality dessert plum. Crops well and keeps for a fortnight when picked. Hardy.
Apple Spartan   Plum Marjorie’s Seedling
Very dark crimson. A crisp, juicy, pleasantly-flavoured apple. Hardy and prolific. Scab resistant. A large, black cooking plum which can also be used as a dessert plum if fully ripe. A tall, vigorous tree.
Apple Suntan
  Plum Victoria
  A new version of Cox’s Orange, larger, flatter with less russet. Disease resistant. Triploid.     A good-flavoured red plum which is sweet and very juicy when ripe. It can also be used for cooking.
Cherry Stella   Quince ”Champion“ Cydonia oblonga
  Lovely white blossom. The fruit is large, juicy, sweet and dark red. Self-fertile. Excellent variety.     A small tree with white/pale rose flowers. It produces large, golden –yellow, apple-shaped fruit.
Crab Apple John Downie
  Red Cherry Plum
Prunus cerasifera
  Lovely white blossom. Prolific cropper with bright red fruits, high in pectin. A beautiful tree.     A small tree bearing red plum- sized fruits which are edible, sweet and juicy. A good bee tree.
Holm Oak Quercus ilex
  Small-leaved lime
Tilia cordata
  A dense, evergreen tree which produces sweet acorns with very little astringency.     A large tree with edible leaves, sap, flowers and seeds. A very good bee tree.
Medlar ”Dutch“ Mespilus germanica
  ” Snowball “ Vibernum opulus
  A useful, ornamental and hardy tree which has white flowers in June. Bears golden russet fruits.     A purely-ornamental shrub with large spectacular white flowers, gathered into globular heads.
Pear Beurre Hardy
  Walnut ” Buccaneer “
Juglans regia
  A tall, upright tree with russeted fruit. Scab resistant and vigorous. It has scarlet leaves in autumn.     A large, upright tree. Nuts may be picked from midsummer. Spring frosts may kill the early flowers.
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