A forest garden is a garden modelled on a natural woodland. In a natural woodland there are several layers of vegetation, including trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. In an edible forest garden the tree layer contains fruit and nut trees, the shrub layer contains soft fruit and hazelnut bushes and the ground layer contains perennial vegetables and herbs. The soil is not dug. It is usually a very diverse garden, containing a wide variety of edible plants. Many gardens contain the same things as a forest garden, but usually each item is grown separately, as in an orchard, soft fruit area, vegetable patch and herb bed. The distinguishing feature of a forest garden is that all of these crops are grown together on the same piece of ground, one above the other.

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Here are some important books:
Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture by J. Russell Smith
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Forest Farming by J. Sholto Douglas & Robert A. de J. Hart
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Feeding Ourselves by Philip Oyler
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Forest Gardening by Robert A. de J. Hart
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