• To plant and maintain forest gardens for the benefit of the community. The gardens will have several layers of trees and plants, which will be grown in an interactive and mutually beneficial way. These layers will include nut trees, fruit trees, soft fruit, herbs, bulbs and ground cover plants, to provide food for humans and wildlife.
  • To provide boundary hedgerows, which will be mostly native species, to act as buffer zones between conventional farmland and the forest gardens.
  • To organize special days for tree planting and the maintenance of the forest gardens, which will involve the community. Other organizations may also be invited to offer volunteers, equipment and advice.
  • To manage the gardens in accordance with organic principles in order to encourage wildlife and environmental diversity.
  • To provide educational opportunities for interested parties concerned with forest gardening and the study of flora and fauna.
  • To provide places of quiet contemplation, including simple bench seats, for the residents of Lydford and its visitors.
  • To ensure that any public footpaths that pass through the forest gardens are kept clear at all times.
  • To ensure that each garden has a designated area which remains undisturbed for the benefit of wildlife.
  • To honour the intention of the founding trustees, that these sites should remain forest gardens for the community forever.
  • To provide public liability insurance for visitors to the forest gardens.

Lydford Forest Gardens is a registered charity ( No. 1102583 )

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